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E-NOFALLS presentation at Mutua Terrassa


On 7th June 2016 E-NOFALLS project have presented in Mutua Terrassa consortium hospital.
Andreu Català, coordinator of E-NOFALLS project has participated presenting the "ICT solutions...

E-NOFALLS commitment for EIP AHA


ICT for Fall prevention and detection is the title of the E-NOFALLS proposal for the new commitment. More than 100 commitments have been submitted for Falls area.
The avaluation process will...

Falls Festival 2016


Speaker presentations from this year’s Festival are available

2016 EIP on AHA Call results


Over 850 commitments to support the 6 Action Groups activities & 78 Reference Sites from 22 countries to scale up innovation for active and healthy ageing

EIP AHA ICT solutions for independent living Infographic


This infographic gives an overview of the issue of ICT solutions to support independent living, to allow a better understanding of what it is, raise awareness and explain which actions are being...

EIP AHA Fall Detection Infographics


This infographic gives an overview of the issue of falls prevention to allow a better understanding of what it is, raise awareness and explain which actions are being undertaken by the European...

Conclusions of the Ageing Summit of 9-10 March 2015


The first European Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing took place in
Brussels on 9 and 10 March 2015. Over 1400 leaders from government, civil society,
investment and...

E-NOFALLS present at the FATE,s final project workshop


On 15th May 2015 FATE project have presented in Barcelona the results in which have been working since March 2012.
Andreu Català, coordinator of E-NOFALLS project has participated...

European Summit on innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing


A new agenda for societal change and sustainable economic development
9-10 March 2015, Brussels

The Summit on Innovation for Active and Healthy Ageing (9 and 10 March 2015)...

Socio-economic- and clinical assessment methods for ICT-based technologies for medical care


We like to invite you to complete a Europe wide questionnaire. This questionnaire is part of the E-NOFALLS ( network, funded by the European Commission. This network is addressing...

Europe's Latest News

European Broadband Awards 2017: apply by 7 September!

Are you involved in a project that is providing citizens with access to high-speed broadband internet? Then apply for the European Broadband Award 2017. We are looking for all types of projects irrespective of size, location or technologies, led by public and private organisations. The winners will be awarded by the Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society in November at the Broadband Day and will be showcased by the European Commission in the media, on its website, in newsletters and in the good practice database. Application deadline is 7 September.

mHealth Subgroup outlines set of actions

In November 2015, representatives of all EU member states coming together as the eHealth Network, formed an mHealth subgroup to work on suggestions for future work in this field. Proposals for concrete actions in the field of mobile health (mHealth) have now been made available.

'Digital technologies must support the overall health policy goals'

At an informal meeting in Tallinn on 20 July, EU health ministers discussed the future of digital solutions in health. The ministers identified areas for closer collaboration among member states and possible actions at EU level to overcome the main challenges of data-driven digital innovation in health.

ENISA workshop on Cyber Insurance

ENISA is conducting a study to propose recommendations to support the uptake of cyber insurance and the growth of the cyber insurance market in the EU. The focus of ENISA's 2017 study is on the commonality of the risk assessment language in cyber insurance. To validate the findings and recommendations of the study, ENISA is organising a work meeting with industry representatives. The target audience includes insurance carrier executives, cyber insurance professionals and underwriters, brokers, reinsurers and policy makers. The meeting is co-hosted by Insurance Europe.

EC3-ENISA IoT Security Conference

EC3-ENISA IoT Security Conference aims to raise awareness on the security implications of the Internet of Things (IoT). The conference will enable a multi-stakeholder discussion by bringing together experts from cybercrime units, CSIRTs, international organisations, private industry, regulatory agencies, and academia.